Do one thing. Do it well.

With nearly twenty years in business, we have acquired many skills, but the only one that matters at the end of the day is how well you can deliver. Our team possesses a wide set of core competencies that overlap each touch point, so that there are no loose ends no matter how we are engaged.

Built-in to everything we do


  • Business Analysis & Planning
  • Communications Strategy
  • Social/Influencer Research
  • UX & Rapid Prototyping
  • Audience Research & User Personas

Efficient & cost-effective


  • Responsive Web Design
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Software Development
  • Content Marketing Platforms
  • Mobile & App Development

Technology & human capital


  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Programs
  • Media Planning & DM
  • Lead Generation
  • Analytics & SEO
  • Social Activation

Our approach

  • Flexibility
  • Strategy
  • Insight
  • Innovation

The right approach for every job.

Unlike companies that only sell a particular platform or consulting firms that outsource all their knowledge workers, MEG establishes flexible project teams that are uniquely qualified based on your specific business needs. We don’t bring a hammer when a screwdriver will do and you aren’t being charged more just because we own one.

Measure twice, cut once.

The majority of our Fortune 500 client base has been with MEG for more than a decade, a fact we attribute to our extreme operational efficiency and forward-looking investment in strategy and planning. Even our smallest projects receive the same oversight from senior staff who understand both the business and the financial objectives.

No data too big. No analysis too small.

Data spreads like wildfire, but the smoke won’t always tell where it started. MEG specializes in the integration of large and small data sets from internal and external sources–and in structured and unstructured formats–in order to yield new insights in predictive and prescriptive models. We know how much you count on data-driven decisions, so we keep fanning the flames well after we’ve found where they’re burning.

Design is in the details.

Talk is cheap when it comes to selling big ideas. Real innovation happens when you get down to the fine print. MEG digs in and talks technical, not “techno-jargon” so we can deeply understand the systems that drive your performance, the lingo that attracts your customers, and the efficiencies that impact your bottom line.