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With nearly two decades of stories from well-known companies, we have many examples of the types of complex problems that our team has solved. Browse the ones below, but don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how we have addressed some of the challenges that you are facing right now. The modern marketing landscape is always changing. You need a team that stays ahead of the curves.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Celebrating the birth of allergy diagnostics

In 2017, Thermo Fisher Scientific launched a global campaign to celebrate the landmark discovery of IgE, the unique antibody responsible for allergic reactions. The discovery itself was an international collaboration of scientists that included many early pioneers from Uppsala, Sweden who helped change the lives of everyone with allergies. more…

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Launching a liquid ADHD medication for children

Pharmaceutical marketing, especially for a controlled substance targeted at children, has a very unique set of regulatory and tactical challenges. DYANAVEL XR was the first liquid amphetamine for the treatment of ADHD in children and had to ramp up quickly to gain market adoption. more…

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Capsugel's Corporate Intranet

Building a corporate Intranet site from the ground up

When Capsugel, the world’s leading provider of dosage form solutions, was spun off from Pfizer they turned to MEG to develop a new global Intranet site for their new stand-alone company. The new Intranet needed to be planned, designed and developed in less than 4 months with a core global footprint that would be shared by all their regional affiliates. more…

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AT&T Customer Legal Notification System

Delivering a custom software application with legal implications

Each year AT&T sends out millions of legal customer notifications to their customers to notify them of contract changes, service modifications, mandated federal and state authority notices, etc. Multiple internal teams, including legal, marketing, billing and product must work together to facilitate these notifications to ensure notifications are accurate, timely and convey the proper messaging. more…

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Capsugel's Ignite Training Site

Training a sales force
across the world

With a global and diverse sales force located on virtually every continent, Capsugel – the world’s leading provider of capsules and dosage form solutions – needed an internal Sales and Marketing training portal that would help them achieve their sales goals. MEG was tasked with the design, programming, implementation, and hosting of the site which had to take into account various cultures and language barriers. more…

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Quest Diagnostics | Greenbox

Delivering the right messages at the most opportune time

The world’s largest diagnostic company with over 40,000 employees and over 2,000 locations, Quest Diagnostics touches 30% of the total US population each year. To successfully promote their services, their marketing efforts need to be very nimble and allow for localized messaging strategies driven by regional personnel, while also taking advantage of highly customizable materials created at a corporate level. more…

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CardioIQ Interactive Report tool

Enabling Tablets for Sales Demonstrations

Quest Diagnostics, like any other lab, offers thousands of common tests, but when physicians are evaluating the right lab they are often more concerned with the test report itself, which is what they will have to interpret for their patients. For any given patient, a doctor has hundreds of possible combinations, resulting in hundreds of possible reports. Rather than give stacks of paper to sales reps, Quest asked MEG to build a digital solution for tablets that could simulate the actual process and show sample data within their report templates. more…

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