Recent Work

With twenty years of work that spans every modern marketing channel, we can tailor a presentation that shows you how we have solved similar challenges to your own. Please contact us to see more of the unique marketing challenges we’ve solved for other clients.

Advertising / Lead Generation

College Board
Tris Pharma
  • Get Your Head Back in the Game

    B2B Trade Advertising

    Executives have a lot on their mind. IT shouldn’t be one of them. This awareness campaign playfully demonstrated how outsourcing IT can restore everything but the gray hair. It was also meant to give some meaning to the company name, which was introducing itself in entirely new markets.

  • Maintain your Edge

    Print Ads / Poster Campaign

    All high school students are required to take the PSAT test. To encourage more of them to complete the SAT, MEG created a multi-channel campaign that highlighted the built-in advantage they already had.

  • Open Up

    B2B Product Launch

    Many pharmaceutical products don't reach a wide enough audience if they are only in capsule form. Capsugel introduced the first easy-open-and-sprinkle capsule with this ad showing the customers that still need some convincing.

  • Whopper Wi-Fi

    Promotional Posters

    To promote Wi-Fi services at a well-known fast food restaurant, MEG developed a series of posters that looked good enough to eat.

  • Extended Release

    B2B Trade Advertising

    Unafraid of complex or scientific topics, MEG has routinely developed trade advertising for pharmaceutical, technology, and healthcare industry clients.

Web Sites / User Interface

Hungry Moose
  • AT&T Partner Exchange

    UX/UI Development

    To develop a robust partner portal for channel resellers, AT&T came to MEG for UX and UI of their content publishing and social community. Integrating features from Chatter, Salesforce, and custom content management tools, the final Newsroom integrated everything within AT&T Digital Guidelines. To aid User Acceptance Testing and approvals, we built a fully functional prototype alongside detailed style guides.

  • bCom

    Transactional Interface

    MEG has assisted 3M with the UX and UI for their B2B ecommerce implementations, requiring detailed prototypes of transactional process flows and complete documentation of UX matches business requirements. While shopping carts may not be the prettiest example of web design, they are no less a labor of love.

  • Hungry Moose

    Responsive Website

    At the foot of the mountain in Big Sky, Montana, sits the best grocery and deli in one of the best places on earth. To help their tourist customers find and order more easily, MEG rebranded their site and utilized a responsive layout that is easily updated with new photos. The big flexible content tiles help them easily share new menu items just as quickly as they post them on Facebook.

  • CardioIQ

    Interactive Sales Tool

    When sales reps for Quest Diagnostics visit a physician, they often carry a ream of test reports as examples. MEG developed an interactive iPad app that enables physicians to simulate the process and view a sample report in seconds that shows them accurate testing features without shuffling through multiple reports.

  • No needles in haystacks

    Web Messaging/Design

    Complex technology companies need a great story at the heart of their brand, so they can be more than just features and widgets. MEG helped MemSQL to redefine the positioning on their next-generation, real-time database and tell a story that even executives could understand.

Content Marketing / Social Campaigns

Quest Diagnostics
Quest Diagnostics
  • Reducing Workplace Risks

    Quest Diagnostics Infographics

    As the leading national provider of workplace drug screening, with millions of annual tests, Quest Diagnostics has a lot of data they can share about the impact their services have. For social campaigns and blog posts, MEG produces a variety of infographics, such as this one, detailing for employers the risks of not implementing a drug testing program.

  • Hidden Healthy

    ExamOne Infographics

    Looking at the collected data about life insurance applicants, ExamOne is able to determine that there is an entire subset of healthy, low-risk applicants that don't fit the statistical average. Their BMI may be higher, but their overal risk assessment would still qualify them for a preferred life insurance plan. To help agents see this overlooked population, MEG created a Hidden Healthy social campaign to celebrate Life Insurance Awareness Month.

  • 5 reasons to partner with AT&T

    Reseller Social Campaigns

    IT Solution Providers that integrate telecom services have a lot of choices in vendors, but none as big as AT&T. To help provide them with more content that they can use in the modern digital sales cycle, MEG produces social content, email campaigns, and infographics like this one that the solution provider can share on their blog or website.

  • Powering LinkedIn

    Quest Diagnostics Social Campaigns

    B2B social efforts have proven to be very successful when a company commits to writing and sharing valuable content. For the drug testing arm of Quest Diagnostics those efforts have been most rewarding on LinkedIn with all campaigns pointing back to a central, gated microsite.

Brochures / Collateral

Drug Testing Index
  • Dosage Form Solutions

    Capsugel Sales Collateral

    Known for their hard capsules, Capsugel needed to create a new identity for the Dosage Form Solutions unit that integrates research and technology to formulate pharmaceutical products that don't fit the traditional mold.

  • Perspectives

    Non-profit Annual Report

    Not all of our work is corporate. There are worthy causes that we are happy to contribute our time and expertise to help them achieve their mission. Perspectives is an award-winning human services agency that combines supportive housing, case management, mental health, employment counseling, chemical dependency treatment, and children's academic and nutrition enrichment in one comprehensive setting.

  • Medicheck

    B2B Sales Collateral

    ExamOne provides risk analysis products and in-home health risk assessments for life insurance companies.

  • AT&T Wi-Fi

    B2B Sales Collateral

    Sales sheets, flyers, and briefs are the bread and butter of B2B sales. We produce hundreds a year for AT&T, but the future is digital and we are working to find more ways to take all of these documents on to the iPad. Some recent examples shown here.

  • Drug Testing Index

    Trade Publication

    Leveraging the data from millions of annual drug tests, the Drug Testing Index has become an industry standard in employment drug testing, providing seasonal insights into the trends in drug use and employer testing practices. The 25th Anniversary edition gave us a chance to visualize the milestones and changes that have shaped the US workplace.